Friday, 11 June 2010

Some "different" dictionaries

As we turn into the discussion of how to help our students acquire lexis, today I'd like to invite you to look into three online (free) dictionaries which I believe are rather different from what you might be familiar with:
image - Collocations for "task"
Do you know of other online dictionaries you'd like to recommend? How do you think these resources might be integrated into the EFL lesson? Share your ideas by posting a comment to this entry!
See you around!
NOTE: Originally published on 19th June, 2009. Last updated on 7 September, 2012.

Friday, 4 June 2010

The World Cup is here!

Many of us will now have to face the challenge of keeping our students learning English... while their minds are on the Football World Cup!

Longman Pearson is offering us all some great resources to help us succeed at this. Check them out!

(just click on the image above to get access to several handouts)

There are ideas for different levels. I'm positive teens and adults in Argentina would enjoy them!

If you try any of these with your classes, just let us know!