Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Working with triads

This week, great Alistair gives us a very productive idea on how we can work with triads (as an alternative to pairwork). From roleplays and discussions on grammar, he goes on to rewiew a proposal Nolasco and Arthur present in their book Conversation. Basically, it goes like this: 2 students have a conversation on any topic, in which B has been told to use a certain "sub-skill" (e.g. interrupting, negotiating meaning, holding the floor, etc.) as many times as possible (mind you, A must not be aware of this). The third student must simply observe them and take down instances of the sub-skill being used (something neither A or B know, BTW).

To read it in detail, go here.

I believe this is quite a replicable technique that might be used as a time-filler or to develop specific sub-skills with many different age groups and levels. Besides, I appreciate the fact it allows shy students to shine by playing part C!

Let us know if you've tried it!


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